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Born Pretty Store Review~

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Hello everyone ! (^.^)/

Today, I will tell you about some of the items I got from Born Pretty Store. They are a cheap store that offer cute accessories, clothing, items for nail art and cosmetics. They also ship Worldwide for free!

Let’s begin the review!

The package came to me in a bout two weeks. But for those who live near Singapore might get it faster !

The items were wrapped in bubble wrap and the package was labeled as Fragile. Inside there were the items and a small card, thanking for the order. It also said, you can post pictures of your items on instagram with #bornprettystore and get a chance to win 10$ worth of items for free! They pick 3 winners everyday !

Now let’s see the two items I got ~

Regal Pearl  Butterfly Decorated  Necklace.


Material: Alloy
Weight: 15g
Length: 45cm
Color: as the picture shows

 The stock photo is not very accurate. It shows that the butterfly’s whiskers? (or how you call them) are separate but mine are together, also the oval shaped holes in the wing are smaller.

Modeled by a British princess. ♥

& a non-british maiden.

Red Apple Earings


Material:Alloy(Lead Free),Rhinestone,Enamel
Color: red
Size: 1.4CM*1CM

When I saw them, I knew I had to have them. They just look so pretty and would be wonderful for a country lolita coord ~

 In all honesty, the earrings look exactly like the stock photo, which makes me really happy ;u;


Overall I give this a 4.9 ♥ out of 5 ♥

The shipping was fast,all the items came with no damage and the people who work there are very friendly. I will definitely buy more items form the store ^^.I only take 0.1 ♥ due to the Butterfly necklace being a bit different from the stock photo.

Thank you for reading my review! If you want to buy some items from Born Pretty Store, you can use RNAT10 for a 10% discount :3c

Friday July 4, 2014
2 months ago

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